Head-to-Head: Boomtown vs Great Agent

Head-to-Head: Boomtown vs Great Agent

Popular real estate platforms go head-to-head in this article based on our findings from the survey interviewing readers from Inman, Realty Leadership and Forbes. We obtained 874 responses with a total production volume in the billions. We used these responses as one of the primary data sources in our study summarized below.

Over 800 responses were submitted from visitors of Inman, Realty Leadership or Forbes with a production volume in the billions.

Comparing the percentage of real estate professionals who said they would recommend Great Agent compared to Boomtown.

Boomtown started up as a turn-key solution for real estate teams and brokerages. After a few years of mixed results, Boomtown took out a $20 million loan to change their solution to serve individual agents. Boomtown works great desktop computers, whereas Great Agent is a much newer platform that was truly built for mobile first. This mobile optimization is generally desired in areas where the home buyers and sellers are using their smartphones as part of their real estate transactions. Great Agent‘s business model is also very different from Boomtown in that Great Agent goes into a market and provides exclusivity to their website design, providing a significant advantage on Google, Yahoo and Bing where uniqueness is one of the most important criteria for ranking.

Boomtown is the best solution for an individual agent, whereas Great Agent wins our recommendation for teams and brokerages. Let’s review how we came to this conclusion.

So what is Boomtown, according to some of their reviews?

Very poor quality leads mostly with wrong information, so there is not way to contact the person…
Review of Boomtown on August 26, on Active Rain.

Others are complaining about Boomtown’s business practices, and this particular real estate agent did not like what he saw:

..$18,000… doesn’t even factor in the time it takes to nurture any leads to convert them to a transaction. Not our cup of tea.
Review of Boomtown by Tony Marriott on August 19, 2017, according to Active Rain.

Reviews of Great Agent

In contrast to those reviewing Boomtown, Great Agent’s reviews from broker/owners and team leaders are consistently positive. Here are a couple of examples that we found useful:

I’ve used Boomtown before Great Agent, and my closing rate is almost 3 times better with Great Agent. This is mainly because of the higher lead quality and their much more intuitive user experience.
Review of Great Agent by Donnie Keller, Broker/Owner on January 23, 2018.

Some reviews are from team leaders, who especially praise Great Agent’s customer service and ability to adapt to their teams’ needs:

Great Agent’s customer service is just incredible. I have never had an experience with another company where it’s almost like if they were family.
Review of Great Agent by Katy McBrayer, Team Leader, on February 12, 2018.

Comparing features & functionality:

The indicators we compared and evaluated in the preceding chapters form the basis of the end price to performance ratio. But they won’t give you the full picture. When it comes to software, one feature can make or break it. One product can outperform the others easily if the right tools are offered to the user. One great feature implemented by a competitor can cost you your business. Facebook wasn’t the first social network, but it was the most convenient. PayPal wasn’t the first online payment processor, but it was the most secure. Thanks to these features, those companies excelled in their respective spheres of business. The Realty Leadership research team understands that better than most, so we prepared a comprehensive review of features that every software product carries.

Study: How does Boomtown compare to its peers?

The Full Study Contains:

  • Return on Investment Comparison
  • Lead Volume Estimates
  • Lead Quality Scores & Test
  • Platform Functionalities Compared
  • Ease-of-use
  • Conclusion

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