Listing Presentations: Advice for Landing More Deals

Listing Presentations: Advice for Landing More Deals

Listing presentations are essential to your success as a real estate professional - it is important to make them count.

listing presentationsListing presentations are a crucial part of the buying process. It is the determining factor on whether or not a client will want to work with you as their agent, or if they would prefer a different real estate professional. The way you present yourself during these meetings is of incredible importance, as the client is the one who will ultimately decide whether or not they would like to further the process. Because of this, there are a couple details to keep in mind:

Make yourself marketable.

Rise above the rest and make sure that you are the best that there is to offer. Real estate is a competitive field, and no agent ever moved up by being timid. Hospitality is the number one goal in a listing meeting, because clients will want to know that they’ll be taken care of during the entirety of their home-buying experience. Some agents even step up their game by adding technology aids to their presentations, such as Homesnap and Realvision, in order to give their clients a better insight on the hone they are interested in. Setting yourself apart from the rest of the competition could easily work in your favor.

Work fast.

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 70% of home-buyers will only interview one agent during their buying process, and 87% will only interview two. This means that it is crucial to be the first to act on the interests of a client, since many home buyers will typically put all their trust in the first person that helps them out. This can be done by creating pre-listing presentations, before the client is completely sure they want the home, in order to spike their interest a bit further. By being proactive, clients will know you care and you’ll be there for them the entire time.