The Increase of Women in Real Estate Leadership Roles

The Increase of Women in Real Estate Leadership Roles

Women are taking on more leadership roles in the real estate field - and it is thriving due to new perspectives.

women in real estateWomen are reinventing the real estate market. A profession that was once dominated by men (and still run by a large percentage of men) is now starting to see more women in leadership roles. This is huge progress for brokerages everywhere, especially when living in a world still facing gender inequality. Women are thriving in leadership roles, and bringing new perspectives, ideas, and protocols to the table.

Reasons why women are starting their own brokerages:

According to the WomanUp! campaign, a women’s initiative campaign toward leadership, there are three main reasons why women typically decide to start their own brokerages:

  1.  They are interested in building a company or brand that accurately reflects their vision and values as a broker.
  2. Past brokerages they worked at were less-than-desirable.
  3. No other brokerage seemed to fit in line with their values as a real estate professional.

How is this changing real estate?

Brokerages run by women, especially due to the reasons listed above, are flourishing. Women are taking the initiative to take matters into their own hands. They are conducting business in ways that they best see fit, and not settling for anything less. This type of drive and ambition is the foundation for a strong brokerage, and a business that is built on passion is destined to succeed.

Women in leadership roles are bringing fresh new perspectives to a field that – more or less – has been managing business in the same ways for decades. This new stride in leadership is proving that real estate is an ever-growing field and one that can be shaped and changed by different mindsets and outlooks. WomanUp! is encouraging women to take charge and consider the benefits of leading a team. It has proved to be a successful leap, and one that keeps growing within real estate.