Three Important Reasons Why Sellers Select Their Agent

Three Important Reasons Why Sellers Select Their Agent

If a seller is to achieve any success and eventually sell their property, they are going to need a competent, knowledgeable and experienced agent. Find out what distinctive qualities you should foster.

Sellers choose their agents for a number of different reasons. Some like having a more hands-on agent, others prefer the one with a moderate approach, and many would go for someone in between. Personal preferences matter, because it’s client’s personal money that pays for the party. Yet there are several objective indicators of the agent’s prowess – passion, experience, conduct, agility, composure under stress. Here are the main reasons why a seller chooses their agent:

1. Hospitality

No one likes an agent who’s a stick in the mud. Overall, sellers (or anyone participating in a business transaction for that matter) like to feel welcome in the environment they happen to be in. If a seller senses hostility, they will not hesitate to terminate your business relationship. It is important to foster the atmosphere of friendliness and hospitality to make the seller feel they are in good hands of a reliable person that is going to work really hard to deliver. Don’t give them a reason to doubt your intentions, and you won’t have a hard time rooting out their doubts.

2. Ease of contact

Sellers also typically choose agents who are easy to contact and who always follow up on them. An agent who’s easy to reach is a pleasure to work with. Many agents will go an extra mile and use tools like FaceTime, Skype, DocuSign, etc., in order to conduct meetings with out-of-state clients, show them open houses, or sign contracts. Taking your availability and value as an agent one step further goes a long way in ensuring customer satisfaction and guaranteeing a signed contract.

3. Flexibility

Being flexible in this business is always an ace up a sleeve that will buy you a client. The “my way or the highway” mentality will get you nowhere in the field of real estate. It is necessary to always prioritize your clients’ needs and try to fulfill them, within reason, to the best of your ability. Sellers like to know that no deal is set in stone and certain aspects of a contract could potentially be amended as seen fit. Compromise, flexibility, and negotiation are key attributes to success in real estate. They will elevate you above the crowd of agents who’ve failed to develop these traits.