Foot Traffic: Getting People in Your Open House

Foot Traffic: Getting People in Your Open House

How do you get people into an open house? We have some tips for you:

open houseOpen houses are one of the key ways to make sure that as many people see a home that’s just been listed as possible – but how do you make sure that people actually come to your open house?

These can sometimes be a hit or a miss. A bustling Saturday with nice weather could drive people in who may just be driving by. But on another less-than-desirable day, you may be lucky if you get a handful of people in the house throughout the day.

While this may be difficult, there are some steps you can take to advertise the open house and ensure that the word is getting out there to many more people than it would be otherwise:

1. Signs.

Signs, signs, and more signs everywhere. Make as many flyers as you can and plaster them around town! If there is a local limit (such as 20 flyers within a certain radius) do as many as you are able to. If not… go wild! Put them in highly populated locations, such as downtown strips or shopping areas. This is a great way for locals to see the house and spark some interest.

2. Videos.

Creating a short video to send out to your leads is a creative way to spark interest in the home – especially if the home is featured in the video! This is a great way to create a “sneak peek” of the open house and allow prospective buyers to see key parts of it before making the trip to see it in person.

3. Door knocking.

Letting neighbors know that you will be hosting an open house is both polite and a great way to create more foot traffic in the home – even if they are not interested in buying, more people may be willing to come in if they see that the home is humming with energy. The more people there are, the greater the home must be, right?