Increasing Facebook Ad Costs: What Should You Do?

Increasing Facebook Ad Costs: What Should You Do?

Facebook ad costs are rising but there are ways around the cost.

Facebook ads are increasing – which means that a costly chunk may be taken out of brokerage budgets everywhere. According to AdStage, Facebook ad costs increased 171% from 2016 to 2017 – and we can only expect them to keep rising in 2018. This increase is the cost it takes to reach 1,000 people, which, especially for big brokerages, isn’t a whole lot – and for small brokerages, is a large cost your company would have to endure. So, what can you do to lower the cost of your Facebook ads?


1. Target.

Targeting specific audiences is always a good idea, especially when there is money involved. By targeting specific demographics, you can cut down on price, because you will not have to cast as wide of a net. You will have a smaller pool to direct ads to, so you will not have to reach as many people – and you will probably gain more leads in the long run by catering to the interests of a specific group of clients.

2. Message.

Sometimes, you don’t need to pay for advertisements at all – in certain cases, messaging can be just as effective! By creating a template to send to send out to clients who follow your Facebook page, you may be doing just as much as paying for an advertisement would. Messages also demonstrate a personable side to a business that clients really like to see.

3. Landing pages.

Landing pages are a great tool that Facebook offers. You can create custom tabs on your pages that drive visitor action and can promote sales. These are great because they also do not require a lot of extra effort – and you can also target them to specific audiences as well. These landing pages can all have different themes or call-to-actions which can intrigue different sets of clients and drive more people to your pages.