Home Prep: Getting the Most Out of The Look

Home Prep: Getting the Most Out of The Look

How a home is taken care of can go a long way in how it's sold - here are some steps sellers and clients can take in making this happen.

home prepWe have talked about staging before, but home prep goes even further than that in order to make sure that a home is looking its best for potential clients. There is a lot that a seller and agent can work on together within the home, and a lot that a seller may not even think to do until an agent mentions it to them. Most buyers want to find a home that they can easily move into, without having to make a drastic amount of changes. The buying and selling process should both be easy, and by doing some simple steps, a seller can make the process much simpler for both of them:

1. Outdoor space

This is a part of the home that frequently gets overlooked by a seller – but needs just as much love as the rest. The front yard is usually one of the first parts of a home that a potential buyer sees, and the backyard is usually one of the last – and we don’t have to give off a bad first or last impression. Keeping a tidy yard by cutting grass, trimming shrubs, and replacing any damaged fences or outdoor supplies before a showing will leave a well-rounded and positive impression on clients.

2. Kitchen and bath

These are integral parts of a home, and although it is not feasible to completely redo these areas before a showing, there may be some parts to them that need upgrading. If a faucet is rusty, a shower curtain is torn, or a tile (or two or three) is falling apart, consider replacing them before showing the home. Clients will be much happier seeing a well-furnished home, rather than one that they would have to spend money to fix themselves.

3. Flooring

Take notice on whether or not your flooring is worn in every room. If a carpet is stained, shampoo it. If hardwood is scratched, wax it. If at any point your flooring looks as if it’s passed the point of fixing (i.e. torn up edges, cracked tile, slits in pavement) you may want to think about replacing it altogether. While it will cost a bit of extra money, it will help your home sell in the long run, and may even increase its value.