3D Listings: The Next Big Thing

3D Listings: The Next Big Thing

3D listings might very well be the new way to list homes.

As technology continues to expand in the real estate field, more and more brokerages and agents are opting for 3D listings, as opposed to the traditional 2D pictures. There is a lot that these listings can offer and the responses from clients have received resoundingly positive results.3D listings

3D listings eliminate the need for numerous tours

If you are able to experience (mostly) everything that a home has to offer online, then there is no need to visit the home multiple times. 3D listings let you see a home for everything that it is, and that makes it much easier to decide whether or not you are interested in the home to begin with.

3D listings make it easier for non-local buyers to view a home

A common issue that out-of-town buyers face is that they see a listing online, decide they want to see the house, and then after they travel all that way for the showing, they realize that it isn’t what they had expected. 2D listings simply aren’t as effective in showcasing the home, and with 3D listings, clients who live further away can get a better idea of whether or not they like the home, before traveling to come see it.

3D listings are more effective in leading to a decision

2D listings have a lot of steps incorporated into them – clients see a series of pictures online, they decide they are interested in the house, so they set up an appointment to view it. It may or may not be what they are expecting, so they will usually need another appointment or two to see the home, before they can make a decision. 3D listings eliminate part of that process. By being able to see the home from every angle to begin with, clients have a sort of immediacy in coming to a conclusion. Typically, they will see the home online, see that it is exactly what they were envisioning when they make their appointment to see it in person, and then they will be able to make an answer. It is a win-win for everybody.