Online or Referral? The Best Lead Sources Debunked

Online or Referral? The Best Lead Sources Debunked

Whether via referral or online, leads are the basis of any successful real estate agent's sales pipeline. Here we delve into these two top lead sources.

In today’s day and age, lead generation for real estate agents can be pinpointed to either word or mouth or online. These two sources are where buyers and sellers are almost exclusively turning to when looking for an agent. Long gone are the days of direct mail marketing and print ads. Personal relationships and internet marketing are at the crux of any successful real estate agent’s lead pipeline. These are the best lead sources that agents can rely on to boost their portfolios.

The Best Lead Sources: A Closer Look

Year after year, the National Association of Realtors discloses their annual report of various real estate related analytics. One constant in their surveys is the fact that most buyers still turn to referral to find an agent. Consumers will often times ask their friends and family if they know someone who can assist. This cyclical process of referrals and word of mouth drives most leads to agents. Building a strong personal network is still the key driver for leads.

Another important takeaway from the NAR study is that nearly 98% of consumers use the Internet in their home search. This rate of visibility offers real estate professionals a prime opportunity to reel in potential leads. While referrals still reign supreme in terms of lead generation, Facebook and search engine marketing can also bring in potential clients. A strong online presence is essential to survive in today’s current market climate.

Even with the advent of digital marketing, the best lead sources are created in person and through networking. Personal relationships are still the driver for a strong sales pipeline, but supplanting Internet marketing into your business strategy can also be effective.