Listing Hacks Every Real Estate Professional Should Use

Listing Hacks Every Real Estate Professional Should Use

These simple hacks can gain multiple new listings.

We all know how important a listing is – it is the beginning of every long journey through real estate transactions and sometimes, if it is done well, a prospective buyer can fall in love at first sight. But getting the listing is sometimes the hardest part – is it reaching the right audience? Is it being seen by enough people? Will it spark enough interest? – sometimes these questions can be difficult to answer. But these simple hacks have proven to gain listings instantly:


1. Handwritten letters.

Handwritten letters always create a sense of hospitality and warmth that potential sellers will appreciate, especially when being asked about their home. These letters are a great idea because their response rate is high, and they generally garner positive responses – below is a sample template:


My name is ____ and I work with _________. I am representing _____, who is very interested in living in a home with similar features to yours. While I do not mean to seem too forward, my client would love to view your home if you are willing to show them, as your home seems to be an ideal match for their interests. Please give me a call at (___) ___-____. Thank you so much for your time.

2. Snapchat/Facebook/Instagram Stories.

The “story” feature on social media sites is a great way to get points across to your followers. By creating a template asking simple questions such as, “Have you been thinking of selling?”, or “Why wait to sell? Your perfect home awaits…”, you can intrigue your followers who may have already been contemplating selling. Make sure you leave your contact information somewhere on the template as well, so interested clients can contact you.

3. Business cards.

Business cards are quick and easy. It is something small that you can leave in someone’s mailbox or tucked into their front door. You can even make separate ones for listing purposes, with a header reading “Looking to sell?”, followed by your contact information. It is a simple way to gain new listings without being too invasive, and many clients will appreciate that.