Cory Rosier of Big Block Realty: Tips for Recruiting a Top Performing Team

Cory Rosier of Big Block Realty: Tips for Recruiting a Top Performing Team

Cory Rosier is the Director of Business Development at Big Block Realty in San Diego, California.

Cory Rosier of Big Block Realty

Rosier is the Director of Business Development at Big Block Realty in San Diego, California. Rosier and his team closed over $1 billion in real estate transactions last year, and recruited 325 real estate agents. His company is also the fastest growing real estate brokerage in the nation per INC 500. Big Block and Cory are a extremely high producing team and they have recently shared with us some of the secrets to both their growth and success.

Real Estate Insights: Creating An Energetic Team

First and foremost, Rosier was very humble when sharing tips to ensure success. Four important points Rosier discussed were commitment to recruiting, best available leads, technology that provides automation and maximizes referral business, and world class culture of accountability to hold yourself and your team to a higher standard.

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In addition, Cory believes there are five key traits to look for during recruitment. If you can find these in individuals when building your team of agents, you will be on the right path. Here is the list:

  1. Coachabilty– the ability to listen to feedback and improve
  2. Curiosity– the desire to learn more about the industry and understand how to get better
  3. Proven Success– in either real estate or previous industry
  4. Intelligence– critical thinking skills as well ability to think independently
  5. Work ethic–  nothing beats hard work

He states that these traits “are important in the foundation of building a team that is going to be extremely successful for you”.

Successful tools for recruitment

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BigBlock was #26 on the Inc. 500 list.

Furthermore, Cory Rosier has 600 agents at Big Block. His job requires him to work directly with agents and assist them with their needs. Cory needs to ensure agents who come on board will be a good cultural fit. Therefore, Big Block’s main focus is on internal recruiting.

Get your agents to recruit for you

You need to have a “referral program that works.” Big Block has a great referral program which has helped them build their huge team. Rosier shared their rewarding referral program. He states that at Big Block, if someone refers another agent their name goes into a hat and then at the end of the year at the company’s holiday party, one lucky winner gets a Mercedes Benz paid for them for the next three years.

This is a great incentive program as it motivates the team to recruit in a fun manner and ensures they have a good flow of agents looking to join the team.

Social media tools

Whereas the referral program drives internal recruitment, social media helps attract and screens potential candidates you would not otherwise get access to. According to Rosier, Facebook and LinkedIn are tools you can use to market and brand yourself. Rosier, specifically, points out LinkedIn. He says, “it’s free and everyone can do it”. Rosier, then, gave insights about how you can screen and filter out the best agents from the rest. He says, LinkedIn allows you to do the following:

  1. Use advance search to create a list of potential candidates
  2. Review profiles to determine previous sales success
  3. Find out longevity in current role
  4. Utilize mutual connections

The sole purpose is to market yourself, the business, and get quality people on board with your company.

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In short, Rosier discussed several important factors that will ensure success in the realty business. He covered recruiting, important traits to look for, importance of quality leads, and cultivating relationships. If his tips were an essential part of his success, why would not allow it to become an essential part of yours?