Personal Development Benefits You And Your Clientsvia

Personal Development Benefits You And Your Clients

To make your clients a priority, you have to make yourself a priority, too.

You want to be the best agent you can be, and there’s no reason to doubt that you can make it happen if you just put in enough effort, hours, and passion. By making yourself a priority, you make your clients a priority; an investment in yourself is an investment in them, and vice versa. Caring about your clients means caring enough to be the best version of yourself, personally and professionally; they are not just investing in an agent, but in you as a person.

Be Your Own Biggest Competition

One of the most productive things you can do for yourself is to be your own biggest competitor. There will be no shortage of competition in the real estate arena. To be a worthy adversary for all of the other agents in your market, you need not only be up to their standards, but up to your own.

The best way to make sure you stand a chance is by pursuing personal betterment. Never stop questioning yourself, but always believe that you either have or will find the answers to your own questions.

Cultivate Curiosity

Be a student of your own career and consider adding a new skill to your arsenal. Take a course in home staging, or perhaps a seminar on public speaking. Engage more intentionally on social media; tweak your website and other loci of online presence; watch tutorials on graphic design and learn how to look more professional online; learn about search engine optimization.

Even engaging in a tangential activity like taking an acting class can be beneficial; it is a good way to get out of the professional sphere for a while and focus on social skills and interaction. As an example, acting classes and similar activities can serve the dual purpose of giving you a break from your career while cultivating the skills that career requires.

Such a class can also have carryover effects on your success as a real estate agent and public speaker, as well as increase your capacity to empathize with your clients’ point of view. It can even help you step into the shoes of your competitors and figure out how to do what they are doing, only better.

An acting class can also enlighten you on themes of motivation in interpersonal situations. Acting is all about conflicting motivations, and the lengths that individuals will go to to negotiate their desires. In effect, all acting is transactional, and these skills will be transferable to your dealings in the real estate world.

Reconnect with your sphere of influence

Doing this can make you feel better about yourself as you recognize your roots and reflect on how far you have come as a professional. It can also give you the potential for better personal and professional relationships.

You may seek out a mentor or become one yourself. Some members of your SOI may be competitors you can learn from; others may have made mistakes from which you can draw lessons as well. The people in your sphere of influence may not all be engaged in the real estate world; however, as you cultivate yourself as a human being, their lessons, input, and presence can be invaluable.

Ask yourself what your time is worth, and treat each moment as its monetary value. At the core of personal development is an investment in yourself.