Questions You Should Expect to Answer at Every Listing Meeting

Questions You Should Expect to Answer at Every Listing Meeting

Clients will have a lot of questions during the listing meeting - it is important to make sure you have the answers for them.

listing meetingSelling can be a bittersweet time for a client – they are moving on and leaving memories behind in their old home. There will be a lot of emotions throughout the process, and with that, a lot of questions in the listing meeting as well. Your clients will want to know that they are receiving the best deal possible in this stressful time, and you should be prepared to answer any questions that may be thrown your way. There are a few questions that seem to be asked every time across the board – here are some of the most common ones:

1. How much can I get for my home?

This will definitely be one of the first questions – if not the very first – that your clients will ask. They want to know the highest possible rate they’ll be able to get for their home, and it is important to have that information ready beforehand.

2. What needs to be fixed?

It is highly recommended that clients update old appliances and fix any damages to the home before showings begin. Some clients will opt out, but most are willing to make the necessary changes in order to receive higher offers on the home. This is also something that you should confirm yourself (before the listing meeting) before confirming it with your client.

3. What percentage do you receive? 

Sellers will also want to know how much of the cost will be given to the agent. This is something that you should always be honest about, and should calculate from the beginning as well. Being upfront with agents about questions that can be awkward such as this will build a strong trust from the beginning and will make the entire process much smoother. Clients are aware that you will be receiving part of the profits, and being direct with how much will be taken out from the overall price will eliminate any confusion down the road.