The Four Best Lead Sources : An In-Depth Guide

The Four Best Lead Sources : An In-Depth Guide

Take a look at the four best lead sources, as reported by the National Association of Realtors.

With interest rates being at decade lows and the housing market starting to rebound, millions of consumers are on the hunt for a trusted real estate agent to help them with the biggest investment of their lives. According to the National Association of Realtors there are four primary sources where buyers and sellers look to when choosing an agent. Here we go in depth to investigate the four best lead sources.

The Four Best Lead Sources:

  1. Referral/Word of Mouth: Perhaps the greatest skill a real estate professional can have is their sales acumen and ability to create meaningful relationships. Social intelligence should be embedded in every agent’s skill set. Without a large network and contact base, agents turn to cold calling, which pails in comparison. Consumers turn to people they know and trust, and agents should make sure they are of this standing with their inner and outer circle.
  2. Internet: In recent years, Facebook surpassed Google as the most visited website in the world. Facebook offers a myriad of different marketing tools that agents can take advantage of. Facebook’s services are analytics based, which gives agents the chance to only target the people they want. Google and search engine advertising can also be a valuable tool that agents can manipulate. The visibility these engines have is incredible for any agent that is looking to generate more leads.
  3. Events/ Open Houses: Trust is a major factor whenever buyers or sellers are looking for an agent. Consumers would rather meet someone and get a feel of their personality than enlist on someone they meet online. Open houses and real estate events are great places for agents to meet prospective leads. Agents should be amicable and warm in order to attract prospective clients. A simple greeting and business card giveaway can leave a lasting impression on people.
  4. Direct mail: With the advent of digital and mobile marketing this medium is becoming obsolete. Nevertheless, there are great number of consumers that still find agents through mail flyers or branded calendars/gear that agents can use their marketing dollars on. The younger demographic might not be so receptive to this method, but older consumers still value direct mail marketing.

Through a mix of strong relationships and savvy marketing agents can build a strong sales pipeline. The best lead sources are often times at your fingertips.