How to Sell Real Estate Through LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the go-to platform for real estate professionals to network on, yet little do people know about its marketing prowess.

In today’s digital age, establishing an online presence through social media is key. Real estate professionals need to adapt to this change and make sure they have a strong online following. While Facebook and Twitter are arguably the most popular social media platforms, LinkedIn is the premier marketing platform for real estate professionals.

Why You Should Use LinkedIn

Numerous analytics companies such as TrackMaven have found that LinkedIn is the top platform for generating sales for real estate professionals. LinkedIn has also been ranked number one in business-to-business followers. LinkedIn’s demographic base consists of professionals, which allows for a more targeted approach when looking for leads. These users are generally wealthier, older and more educated than the average Facebook or Twitter user. This is the demographic real estate professionals should target.




LinkedIn allows you to showcase your accolades and receive skill endorsements from others. This in turn builds personal brand cache. Different than a simple cold call or email, LinkedIn users can message individuals in their network in a more formal setting. Studies show  that users are far more likely to respond to a LinkedIn message than a cold call or direct email flyer.

Furthermore, LinkedIn allows users to create long form posts. Through here, real estate professionals can share or produce content that can attract consumers. A simple like by someone in your contact list can become a valuable lead.

In Conclusion

The use of social media to increase sales and generate leads can be a solid tool for real estate professionals. Most real estate professionals are adept to traditional marketing. Know how to sell real estate through LinkedIn is a way agents can foray into the 21st century. By maintaining a strong presence on this platform, real estate professionals can generate new leads and foster new sales through seamless marketing.