Tips for Recruiting Real Estate Agents

Tips for Recruiting Real Estate Agents

The process of recruiting real estate agents can be difficult as each agent is looking for something different. Here are some tips to follow when recruiting.

Recruiting real estate agents can be a challenge. Each agent and firm is different and trying to find that perfect fit can be difficult. So what are the best ways to recruit agents?

1. Find Them

You’re looking for real estate agents but how do you find them? Ads may be the most common way to find agents but it is not always the most efficient. So try to avoid using ads. More often than not, the agents who typically respond to ads are agents with very little experience or very little success. Experienced real estate agents will not bother with ads. Past success is the biggest indicator for future success and finding an experienced real estate agent is ideal. The best way to recruit experienced agents is through referrals. If you are the head of a firm and recruiting, ask your agents to reach out to agents who may be looking for a new team.

2. Give Them a Reason to Join You

All real estate agents are different and each one has a different motivating factor to sign on. However, one thing all agents care about is company culture. Does the company culture enable them to succeed? Is this an environment where they can grow? What is being provided to the agent that makes splitting commission worth it? These are the questions that agents will ask themselves before signing on. One incentive you can provide to the agent are leads. By giving agents what they want, in turn, they will hopefully give you what you want. Furthermore, the company should be determined to challenge the agent and give them goals to achieve. Often, agents can leave companies simply because they are bored. Healthy competition between agents can do wonders for your company and your team. 

3. Remind Them Why They Should Stay

Now that you finally recruited your agent, it’s all done right? Wrong. Recruiting an agent is one thing; keeping them on is another. There is no point in having an agent for a couple of months only to have them leave later. So how do you keep them on? The best way is to invest in them. Give the agent a reason to stay, to believe that splitting a commission is worth it for both of you. Remind the agent why they came to the company in the first place, opportunity. Recruiting real estate agents if just more than offering them a heft commission rate; it also requires you to establish a relationship that both can trust.