What to do When Selling a Famous Home

What to do When Selling a Famous Home

What should you do when selling a famous home?

famous homeSometimes, when you reach the top of the real estate ladder, you’ll have high-profile clients that you are either selling to or for. And sometimes, when you reach the top of the real estate ladder, you’ll be in charge of selling a famous home. When you are doing this, there are two important questions that you must ask yourself:

1. How do you market a famous home without going overboard?

Discretion is key when selling a home that is largely recognized or renowned. Most high-profile clients, especially if they are celebrities, do not want their home broadcasted openly on listing websites or lead generators. Because of this, marketing may be tricky. You can’t just say to any client you’re working with, “Hey, I’m selling one of Miley Cyrus’s mansions, do you want to take a look at it?” This may cause an uproar and the client who is selling may get angry. The last thing they (or you) need is a bunch of star-struck fans standing outside the door of the home that’s trying to be sold. When selling a home such as this, it is important to know how to keep it on the down-low, and only market to promising customers. Which leads into the next question:

2. Who is your target audience?

This may be hard to determine, especially if you do not have a lot of clients with millions of dollars to spend. Even so, not everyone with a pocket full of money will be interested in buying a new multi-million dollar home. Yes, you must target people with money – that is a no-brainer. But you must also target people who are interested. This is where demographic software comes in handy – take a look at past high-profile clients who may be in the market to buy a new home. After that, you can determine if that person will be interested in the type of home you are selling – is it located in a city they prefer? Does it come with all the amenities they require? Have you had success in closing deals with them before? After asking yourself these questions, you can begin to target a select portion of potential clients who may be interested. Just remember to use your discretion.