Security Upgrades that are Sure to Intrigue Buyers

Security Upgrades that are Sure to Intrigue Buyers

Most buyers are looking for homes with security systems.

securityHaving a secured home is something that many homebuyers value (and for good reason!) due to the potential danger that lurks within every neighborhood. Plenty new homes are installing security upgrades in order to make the inhabitants feel safer, and buyers are all over these security advancements.

1. Security cameras.

While this may seem like an obvious one, the majority of homes do not have security cameras installed in them. It is a luxury that most homebuyers take upon themselves to install, but more and more houses are popping up with them already included. In addition to the obvious benefit of home security that these cameras bring, they can also help in decreasing your home insurance bills (some as high as 20%!)

2. Home security systems.

Security systems are a great way to help people feel safe in their homes. These devices have the ability to do a lot – they generally can be locked/unlocked with a specific code, and that code can lock doors, detect motion sensors, and set off alarms if any part of the home is being suspiciously tampered with. While, again, most home security systems are added by buyers after purchasing a home, there are some that come with them already installed, and most buyers would be more willing to purchase a home that includes a secure system that they can control. Security systems really do help create a sense of ease.

3. Automatic lights.

This is a commodity that is becoming more popular in the general blueprint of a home. Automatic outside lights are an easy way to help a home feel more secure – the lights include motion detectors, and whenever anyone is in a certain range of the home, the lights will automatically turn on. It is a simple and cost-efficient way to ward off any unwanted visitors within the neighborhood, and to help the owners of the home feel safe at night.