How to Improve a Listing’s Appearance

How to Improve a Listing’s Appearance

The appearance of a listing is everything - here are some tips on how to improve it.

listingStaging is a large part of the listing process. It is imperative that homes have a strong curb appeal, or clients may not be immediately interested in them. Appearance is everything in a listing: a client must be able to look at it and say, “I think I may be able to live here.” If not, they will simply move on to the next listing that meets their needs. When making a listing, there are some important tips to keep in mind, in order to improve the listing’s appearance:

1. Make it fresh.

A lot of home stagers do this by adding plants. Plants are literally pieces of life living within the house – thus creating a whole new meaning to the idea of “bringing the home to life” within a listing. Plants create a fresh, homey feel for clients. By adding something so simple, you are making the house seem much more livable.

2. Fix external hardware.

By this I mean it may be beneficial to paint the front door. Fix the shutters. Replace the door knocker. Stencil in the house numbers. Many times, a home’s outward appearance is indicative of how it looks on the inside. If clients do not like what they see on the surface, they may not want to venture inside to see what else the house may have to offer – first and foremost, make sure the front of the house looks appealing.

3. Spruce it up.

This is where staging comes into play. Make sure the house looks clean and pristine, from the inside-out. Rake up any leaves that are littering the yard, add a seasonal wreath, stage patio chairs on the front deck, and add paintings, rugs, and warm décor to the inside. Remember, the home must look as if a client could move in right that second – if you couldn’t see yourself living there, neither will the client.