Live Video Ideas for Your Team

Live Video Ideas for Your Team

No experience with live videos? No problem - here are some ideas to help get you started.

live videosAs a real estate professional, you should already know that the use of video is becoming a vital part of real estate marketing. Brokers and team leaders everywhere are using video to enhance listings, create virtual reality showings, and produce live videos. Live videos are becoming more and more apparent in real estate, and clients are showing positive reactions to them. You may think, “live videos are intimidating – what should I do during them?” It is true that it is difficult if you do not have a plan or script in mind – but you don’t need one? Live videos are meant to be more informal. Here are some ideas for creating live videos for your team:

1. Show houses/popular locations.

If you have a lot of clients that are interested in a certain neighborhood or district, making a live video of you showing houses in those areas (or simply exploring the area in general) could be extremely beneficial to both them and you. Much like virtual reality listings, this allows your clients to view a home or area without actually having to make a trip out there – all with the added bonus of viewing it in real-time.

2. Make a business spotlight.

Adding off the first point, it may be interesting to create a spotlight on local businesses in areas that your clients are interested in. Live videos of you visiting local restaurants, boutiques, or coffee shops would interest your clients while simultaneously supporting local businesses in those areas of interest.

3. Collaborate!

Who said all brokerages had to be enemies? Collaborating with competing businesses may actually be in your best interest – it’ll show friendly competition and good sportsmanship to your clients, as well as allowing you to make more connections within the real estate field. It is true that collaboration is the key to success!