What are Luxury Homebuyers Looking For?

What are Luxury Homebuyers Looking For?

Do the luxury homes you're showing have these features?

luxury homebuyersSummer may be ending, but that doesn’t mean that buyers are out of the market for luxury homes. But what are they looking for?

The trends of luxury homes change year-after-year, just like the trends for residential homes change every year. Here’s what most of today’s luxury homebuyers are looking for:

1. Downsizing

Yes, you read that correctly! Bigger isn’t always better. Smaller homes are actually taking the lead this year, as opposed to their larger counterparts. Today’s luxury homebuyers are looking for quality over quantity – smaller homes with more to offer.

2. Kitchens, kitchens, kitchens.

Kitchens are in. Everyone wants a spacious one, and many are looking for island bars as well. Regardless of if a client cooks or not, kitchens seem to be at the top of many luxury homebuyers’ priority lists. New homes have been accommodating for this trend so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find if your client is poking around newer developments. It’s what they want, and they won’t stop searching until they get it.

3. Uniqueness

Whether it’s represented in the architecture or the details within the house, luxury buyers want a unique home. Many are willing to shell out extra money for custom changes that they want to make in the house – after all, a luxury home should be just that: luxurious. Any run-off-the-mill home simply will not do.

4. Convenience

If someone’s looking for a beach house, that’s typically what they want: a house on the beach. Right by the water. As we mentioned earlier, today’s luxury homebuyers care less about size and more about what the house itself can offer. Many people would rather spend extra money on a smaller home right by the water than on a large home five blocks away from it. Convenience is key, and it is an important part of many clients’ home searches.