Roll Film: Harness Video Marketing

Roll Film: Harness Video Marketing

Video marketing has numerous benefits and is especially suited to the real estate industry.

As important as the platform on which you choose to share your content is the format in which you choose to express it. Visuals are one of the best ways to reach audiences efficiently and keep them engaged.

Think about what you can show your customer base rather than telling them. Text and articles can be great ways to carry your voice as a professional, but statistics show that visual media are the best way to attract and maintain interest.

The use of video marketing in real estate can have many benefits because of the unique needs of potential clients. They want to have as much and as clear information as possible before they invest in making further inquiry. The market can be overwhelming, and consumers can be biased by the idealism inherent in the prospect of homeownership.

Showing, not telling

Video marketing offers the opportunity to meet clients in a concrete but still virtual space. They can see the physical details of properties more clearly, but this also allows their imaginations to run more freely, having something real to base their visions on.

Through video, you as a real estate agent can highlight a property in the most appealing way. In addition to the specifications outlined in a traditional listing, you can put an image to these figures.

Video also allows clients to revisit the scene without having to wait for a showing or make time for a day of house hunting. They can tour a property virtually again and again. And the more they investigate, the more they will tune into what they want and the questions they have. That’s where you come in.

A better avenue of communication

People retain exponentially more information from videos than from text. If you have something you really want to communicate, consider putting your content in a video rather than a traditional text post on social media or even a blog post.

Even better, combine the two formats to truly reinforce what you offer. Or, use video to engage with your clients. This can mean anything from featuring shots of local neighborhoods to letting them get to know you, and vice versa, by hosting a Q&A in the comments section and answering questions in another video.

One of the primary draws of video is its versatility. If you upload to YouTube, you can even add links within your video that take potential clients on a tour of your online presence. Most platforms, from websites to email to Instagram, support embedded videos, meaning that whichever avenue you choose to connect with clients, you can use video to augment your impact.

As digital culture evolves, so too do consumers’ means of interacting with service providers and searching for information. You could wait for clients to come to you, or you could meet them where they are by formatting your content in the most accessible way. Doing so will ensure that you maintain a professional and reliable reputation among new and loyal customers alike.