Gaining Referrals Through Your Email Signature

Gaining Referrals Through Your Email Signature

An email signature is an important part of realtor branding in today’s real estate game.

While technology is bringing business advances into the future, it is no doubt that email correspondence is still a great opportunity to connect with clients. A great way to do this is by having a strong email signature.

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What is it?

An email signature is an important part of realtor branding in today’s real estate game. Email is a huge channel of communication, and it allows you to represent yourself in a signature.

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This helps in representing who you are as a real estate professional, and can also help in gaining new clients as well. Email signatures are great marketing tools for gaining referrals from current clients.

When should you do it?

Asking for a referral should be done only when the sales process is over. It should not be done during the process, because the client has not received a satisfactory service from you yet, and thus cannot gauge how they feel about you as a business conductor.

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However, after a sales transaction is over, asking for a referral within an email signature is a common occurrence among realtors. It is also a way to provide good value to your clients, and to make sure that you are doing an efficient job as a real estate agent.

What should you consider?

It is important to make sure that your email signature is not overly aggressive as well, in inquiring about referrals. If clients feel you are coming on too strong, they may feel less inclined to agree to the referral process. It is important to keep your inquiry simple, and to only place it at the bottom in the email signature, as opposed to the email subject line.

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Gaining referrals through your email signature is a fairly simple process, that can be done after every business transaction, if desired. It is a great way to gain new clients and to identify how pleased current clients are with how you promote your business.