Leadership Spotlight: Bill Scott and Denise Price

Leadership Spotlight: Bill Scott and Denise Price

Why ePlace Homes is trending for real estate professionals

ePlace Homes is located in the heart of Cambridge, and is run successfully by Bill Scott and Denise Price.

Bill Scott and Denise Price

Bill Scott and Denise Price

ePlace Homes is located in the heart of Cambridge, and is run successfully by Bill Scott and Denise Price.

How does ePlace Homes work?

Bill and Denise are a picture perfect real estate team. They understand how to efficiently combine traditionalism and technology into their business transactions. While traditional phone calls and face-to-face meetings may seem more charming and down-to-earth, Bill and Denise also understand that 98% of home buyers start their search online. That’s where ePlace Homes comes in.

The successful brokerage that these two real estate professionals run, functions as a technological advancement of real estate marketing. It follows the increasing trends of numerous realty companies, all while creating more teams within the brokerage.

Taking Realty to the LIV Level:

As it is the case nationwide that teams are more commonly being created within a brokerage, Bill and Denise decided to expand their company in order to abide by this increasingly popular trend. They realized that while a strong foundation for a company is important, strong teams within it are becoming just as imperative.

Earlier this year, Bill and Denise decided to expand upon ePlace Homes. They built a world-class team called Boston LIV, aimed at the continuous expansion of real estate teams. Their main focus is in creating well-rounded teams within their brokerage, which is exactly what ePlace Homes and Boston LIV succeed in doing.

What are the roles of Bill and Denise?

Bill Scott founded ePlace Homes and is the principal owner of the company. After working a total of twenty years conducting various real estate transactions for another firm, he decided to begin his own company in 2008. His initial goal for ePlace Homes was to conform to real estate business model to the changing needs of clients today, as well as in the future. His goal has undoubtedly proved to be successful.

Denise Price is the co-owner of ePlace Homes, and is a practicing real estate agent herself. She also helps in the management of ePlace Homes, and the business development of the agents within it. She has also been named a “Top 30 under 30” Realtor, proving her immense professionalism in real estate.

ePlace Homes is targeted toward fitting clients’ needs.

How can they help?

ePlace Homes is focused on catering to many of their clients’ real estate needs. This includes finding specific properties for sale, discovering home-worth values, and learning how to purchase a home in the contemporary competitive market, etc.

Bill and Denise understand that convenience is key when it comes to home buying, and ePlace Homes is targeted towards the convenience of technological transactions.