Instagram Tips and Tricks

Instagram Tips and Tricks

Instagram is a great way to connect with current and potential clients - here are a couple ways to make it more user-friendly:

InstagramInstagram is a commonly used social media platform among real estate professionals. However, sometimes it can be difficult to gain traction through Instagram, much like any other social media site. It is necessary to know the tricks that marketers use in order to gain more views, likes, and followers – and luckily, we have compiled a few of those for you:

1. Filters

Filters are a large part of Instagram, arguably more so than any other form of social media. They can enhance a picture to make it more appealing to its viewers, and can help in gaining more of a following. There are a couple managing tools that can help in making the use of filters easier – for example, Instagram lets you manage filters by ordering them in a way that lets you place the most commonly used ones in the beginning to make them easier to find. There is also a managing tool to let you hide the ones you don’t use, so you don’t waste time scrolling through them.

2. Drafting

It is possible to save a draft of potential posts on Instagram that you are debating on posting, so you can come back and see them later. This is particularly useful when you are thinking of posting something at a different time. For example, let’s say an idea strikes you in the middle of the night, but you don’t want to post yet since it isn’t a prime posting time – you get your filters in order, think of a great caption, and Instagram saves your work as a draft to be posted at your convenience. It’s a win/win!

3. Videos

Videos are a great way to grab the attention of your audience. Instagram also tracks the amount of views you receive on a video, making it easy to see if the content is reaching a wide range of people. It also has a “muting” feature that allows you to post your video without sound if it isn’t needed – sound can sometimes distract viewers and can even be bothersome to someone who is simply scrolling through their feed. This “mute” feature is extremely helpful, especially since muted videos can gain more views than those with sound, since people can watch them anywhere.