Options Your Clients May Be Unaware Of

Options Your Clients May Be Unaware Of

Every client will desire and expect a different level of involvement in the buying or selling process. Some of them want to be extremely hands-on and

Every client will desire and expect a different level of involvement in the buying or selling process. Some of them want to be extremely hands-on and meticulous, only calling in an agent or broker, if they had it their way, to make sure that everything is in order. Others are overwhelmed by the whole process and would prefer to hand the reins to a professional.

You will encounter clients like these and everywhere in between. Some clients will think they know it all, and others will not give themselves enough credit. Either way, interfacing with them will require a lot of balance between self-respect and the ability to exercise your own expertise, and respect for their agency, their wishes, and their backgrounds.

No matter who you are working with, however, there will be something that you can offer them that will not only make you memorable for your ability to go above and beyond, but that will also give them a genuinely more pleasant and effective experience, no matter what side of the table they find themselves on. If you are conscientious about the advice you give, you may continue helping them long after your business relationship has ended – at least for that particular transaction.

Bang for your buck

Several types of recommendations fall under the “bang for your buck” umbrella. Think of things that your client, or other clients in the past, may have been reticent to commit to or invest in because they had heard that they were expensive and maybe their “friend of a friend didn’t go that route and they ended up fine.”

You may be surprised at what people have been planning to forego until you talked to them. You will come across people who were planning on doing without everything from renters’ insurance to home warranties. Depending on what the investment is, it may be indispensable, or it may honestly be unnecessary in the situation. However, although they are well-meaning, the friends and family of your clients, with their helpful anecdotes, are probably not experts on the subject. Always advise your clients to think of things from as many angles as possible; what worked for someone else may not work for them.

On that note, be sure that you can identify what is important to your clients so that you can pitch them the right options. It may be that they had simply never considered how a certain amenity or resource might fit into their value system.

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While you want to give your clients the benefit of the doubt, there is no such thing as a given. You might be appalled (or perhaps not surprised) at the number of renters who sign a lease on an apartment without even taking a physical tour – or, if they opt for the tour, who don’t even ask questions, bring a checklist, or even turn the faucets off and on to make sure the water runs clear and strong.

In the pandemonium of purchasing or selling a home, things can easily be overlooked even when, in any other situation, someone would know better. Give your clients a lot of grace and guide them when you can.