Why You Should Never Forget to Follow Up

Why You Should Never Forget to Follow Up

It is always important to follow up - even in circumstances where you may not think of it.

follow upAs a real estate professional, you should know by now that following up with clients is a crucial part of the business. Nevertheless, this is still forgotten every now and then, especially in certain situations. In fact, one of the biggest complaints by clients is that their real estate providers don’t follow up with them enough. When you lack this quality as a real estate professional, you are essentially throwing cash into a bonfire – and no one wants to do that! In order to make sure that doesn’t happen to you, we have compiled the most commonly forgotten following-up tactics, and how you can remember to take advantage of them:

1. Email inquiries

With the ability to set up email notifications directly to your smart phone, there really isn’t any excuse not to follow up on emails the same day you receive them (or at least within a 1-3 day radius.) Many people contact real estate professionals via email because it is easier to write down extensive information such as price range, desired area, home type, and contact information than to remember it all during a phone call.

It is also easier for said real estate professional to take the time to thoroughly research this information and get back to the client in a timely manner, rather than scheduling a time to get back to them later on if they were to call. Emails are great for many reasons – but they are easy to forget. Make sure you have notifications set up and that you check it regularly to make sure you don’t miss any important inquiries.

2. Open houses

This scenario may have happened to you before: a prospective client enters your open house. He seems really interested and takes his time to look around, asking questions and giving his input on the features along the way. You think, “wow, this guy seems like he’s ready to make an offer on the spot!” It’s perfect. But then he leaves, and you realize… you forgot his contact information. Did he sign in on a piece of paper? Did he forget? Which one was he? This is a very common mistake that many agents make, but it doesn’t have to be anymore!

Lead conversion is easier than ever with new technologies, and open houses can be tracked via different apps. However, it is always still wise to make sure that you know the contact information of everyone that comes in the open house, even if you are using an app or lead conversion software – you never want to miss out on a great lead just because you forgot to get their name and number.