Social Media Publishing Routines

Social Media Publishing Routines

In a way, social media bridges the gap between the "identity" of the individuals that compose your business and that of the "business" itself. Each of

In a way, social media bridges the gap between the “identity” of the individuals that compose your business and that of the “business” itself. Each of these things has an identity of their own, but while your identity as a person, even in a professional capacity, is organic and dynamic, the identity of your business is expected to be more defined, more predictable, more stable.

Of course, there is always room to combine aspects of the way you present your business and the way you present yourself, and nowhere is this more integral than on social media. A social media presence is at the same time an evolution and a constant, a discrete entity as well as a nebulous work-in-progress. It represents the most involved representation of who you are, but it also supports the primary experimentation with what you could be.

Your followers on social media will expect to see you on the cutting edge, and to be able to come to you for the most up-to-date information with personal expertise sprinkled in. They will also expect a variety of different styles of content, and it can be hard to keep all of that variety on a schedule that makes sense and keeps readers interested every time new content comes out.

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Variety is what keeps people involved. But having variety without any rhyme or reason isn’t enough. You may think that rhyme and reason are the antithesis to variety and spontaneity, but actually, they are the very things that give life to those concepts. They allow you to establish a presence based on patterns that accommodate variety.

Patterns of variety are key to any social media presence. Your consumers need to know what to expect while still anticipating the arrival of new content. In order to achieve a believable semblance of variety, however, you must incorporate a pattern behind the scenes.

Remember that every pattern you execute should be in the service of novelty and engagement. You should develop patterns that underlie and orchestrate the uniqueness you are trying to achieve.

Executing variation

Think about the types of timetables that can accommodate the content you are looking to publish. For example, you may want to publish peer, colleague, and community interviews once a week in a series. For other styles of content, however, you may want to publish them all at once and link them to each other.

For example, you may have content that is tangentially related to other topics you have published; for example, you may relate homemaker aspirations to home staging. In this case, you can publish topics in the same week or weeks apart, and combine the content references through hyperlinks, which also works in your favor in terms of SEO.

Publishing items on a schedule can also give your consumers something to look forward to. When you publish a topic in a series, or when you publish something that you know will relate tao a previous or upcoming topic, think ahead to how you will integrate your content into a succession that will keep customers engaged.

Whenever you move to publish new content, take a look at the trends of previous publication and let them inform you as to what your newest addition will contribute to the overall atmosphere of your social presence.