Introducing Clients To The Community

Introducing Clients To The Community

A house is so much more than just that; to make it a home, it's important to sell it as a package deal that includes the social and lifestyle elements

A house is so much more than just that; to make it a home, it’s important to sell it as a package deal that includes the social and lifestyle elements that may be important to clients. Every client will have their own preferences, so it is a good idea to start somewhat vague and collaborate with your clients on their own exploration of their potential new neighborhood and community.

Statistically, however, there are a lot of community features that would be attractive to most buyers. These include crime rate, proximity to schools, and the state of the local infrastructure. These things are important because they factor into the daily lives of most people.

In all the hubbub of searching for a new home, though, it can be easy to overlook the details in favor of the fantasy of a new life. Clients may be incredibly idealistic and want to picture themselves engaging in a fresh lifestyle, marking a transition, or starting new habits. It’s important to highlight the more practical features of the neighborhood as well, so you can show them that even as they pursue their new life, they will be buoyed by the lack of roadblocks and inconveniences in their new locales.

Once you’ve established the bare necessities of the neighborhood in the minds of your clients, you can begin to showcase some of what might be considered “amenities,” little and big things that will make the community more attractive to your customers.

Community events

This is another reason that it’s prudent to be apprised of the events going on in your community. Make yourself aware of any local traditions. Peruse any local newsletters for community activities or groups.

Most communities have all manner of events, from concerts to parades, church and school cookouts to annual sales and flea markets. Some communities might have bar crawls regularly while others might have river cleanups. How does your community celebrate major holidays? What is traffic like around these holidays? How does the community cater to all ages with their variety of events and opportunities?

Community figures

You can use professional connections to your advantage and your clients’ for more than the purpose of building a referral network. Make available to your clients the contact information for any service providers you know. If you know a local pastor or a school superintendent or a city councilperson, give your clients an overview of contacts they may like to make in their community.

Approach carefully, but don’t be afraid to ask questions about what kinds of activities and contacts are important to your clients, and make it clear that you will help in any way you can.


What services do businesses offer to local patrons? Is there a free shuttle from the airport for people who live within a certain radius? What are some of the best loyalty programs with businesses around town, or some of the best deals on public transit or parking permits?

All of these features make neighborhoods more amenable and attractive to potential clients, as they begin to flesh out the picture of their lives in their new home with more and more details that you help provide.