Tips for Cold Calls in Real Estate

Tips for Cold Calls in Real Estate

Cold calls aren't fun - but we can help make them successful:

cold callsWhile cold calls can be tedious and monotonous to make, they can be a great resource for any real estate professional. Cold calls, by nature, have the ability to lead to new and loyal clients – and even if they are taxing in the moment, they could have a great payout in the long run. However, they only work if they are done right – so there are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Go in with a positive attitude.

I don’t know anyone who actually likes doing cold calls. They simply aren’t fun – and we all know that. But you can go into them with the attitude of, “I’m going to make 8 calls today and there is a good chance that one of them could be a prospective client,” or “I’m going to have to waste my time calling 8 people who will reject and/or hang up on me.” It’s all about perspective. It is true that there is a lot of rejection in cold calls, simply because they are cold, but keeping a positive attitude can make them easier to get through. Keep the success stories in your mind as you make your calls.

2. Confidence is key.

Remaining confident is extremely important, especially since you probably won’t know the people you are talking to. The only impressions they have to go on are the tone of your voice and the information you are providing them. Make sure both of those are strong, determined, and planned out in advance. No one wants to be pitched to by someone who seems unsure.

3. Accept rejection.

As we mentioned before, rejection is simply a part of cold calling. It will happen, probably more often than not, but the clients you gain will make it all worthwhile. Don’t let the failed attempts get you down – keep going for the successful attempts. There is method to the madness, and if you let the calls that don’t work out ruin your mood, then you won’t be able to muster up the same confidence and hospitality for the next call that very well could work out. Accept it, move on, and strive for a better outcome the next time around.