Colors That Sell Houses for Thousands More (or Less)

Colors That Sell Houses for Thousands More (or Less)

What is one thing that often goes overlooked yet has a profound effect on an object's desirability? Colors. Colors are the last thing you would think of.

It’s a proven fact that color scheme is immensely important in any sales because it’s the first thing buyers see when they walk in. Accordingly, colors can be an overlooked decisive factor in how fast a house sells or how much it sells for. Therefore, a fresh paint of coat with an appealing color is definitely an aspect worth looking into.

Here are the main takeaways of the 2017 Paint Color Analysis from Zillow that researched over 32,000 photos from sold homes with more vibrant colors compared to similar homes with neutral color gamut.

Colors to Choose

Blue: A spectrum of blue has been associated with an increase in home value over the typical white walls. Blue is an inviting color and signals that the house is well-kept and desirable.

  • Kitchens with a light blue to periwinkle sold for $1,809 more.
  • Bathrooms with powder blue sold for $5,440 more.
  • Bedrooms with a cerulean blue sold for $1,856 more.
  • Dining rooms with a slate to gray blue sold for $1,926 more.
  • Front doors with a navy blue sold for $1,514 more.

Colors to Avoid

  • Kitchens with a yellow paint sold for $820 less.
  • Bathrooms painted white sold for $4,035 less.
  • Bedrooms with pink, from pastel pinks to rose, sold for $208 less.
  • Dining rooms with bold red sold for $2,031 less.

The Takeaway

Color schemes are important. They set the tone of the house when buyers first look at it. Now, it would be unnecessary to repaint all the rooms in your house before you sell. But, it would be helpful to keep in mind that blue seems to be the color of the year. Freshly painted walls are a minimal investment, something you will spend a little time on is going to reward you with more crunchy, green bills in your pocket.