How to Generate Leads When Hard Selling Isn’t Working

How to Generate Leads When Hard Selling Isn’t Working

Hard selling is not the only way (or even the most efficient way) to generate leads.

It is an honest truth that many people simply do not appreciate being sold to. Hard selling can be difficult because even the most interested customer can feel as if they’re being attacked. While this is a strategy that every person working in a sales-related field must become comfortable with at some point, it is not the only way to sell – and some other options may be a bit easier.


1. Always market your brand.

The simplest way to generate leads? Self-advertising. Does your company make bumper stickers? Tote bags? Card cases to stick on the back of your phone? The most serious salesmen are the ones that market their brand wherever they go – and it is the easiest way to generate leads. Maybe you’re in a Starbucks and someone who’s looking to buy a home sees the logo on your phone. Or you’re driving down the street and another driver who just-so-happens to be selling their house sees the number on your bumper sticker. This is such a simple way to (at the very least) strike up conversations with those who are curious about your company.

2. Don’t hesitate to dial!

As soon as someone demonstrates interest, you should be dialing their number into your phone. Especially if someone comes to you directly, it means that they want to get in touch with you! Response rate is a strong component of loyal leads – those that know you’re there for them are more willing to stick around than those who do not. If you wait too long, a potential client may find someone else to assist them – so don’t wait!

3. Create Incentives.

Mass emails are an easy way to do this. By making a template to send out to past clients with something along the lines of, “The first 100 people to refer [insert brokerage name here] to family or friends will receive a free Visa Gift Card” will be sure to spark some interest. Incentives are easy to do and while they may cost your company a bit of money, you will gain leads in return – which is a much better business deal in the long run.