Thank-You Notes That Lead to Leads

Thank-You Notes That Lead to Leads

Thank-you notes are a personalized way to let clients know that you care.

thank-you notesWhile technology has made many positive advancements, it can be argued that it has put us back a pace in terms of hospitality. While emails and texts are efficient for sending fast communication, they are not necessarily personal. Take a moment to think about a thank-you email that you may have received from a company for conducting business with them. It is a nice gesture, sure, but no one is going to print off an email and hang it on their refrigerator. Now, think about a hand-written thank-you letter you may have received (granted this may have been several years in the past.) It was a much warmer feeling due to a more personalized gesture, correct?

Thank-you notes are so simple to make, and they can go a long way when interacting with clients. If a client feels as if they are appreciated, they will be more likely to come back again for their future business needs. If they do not, they may end up taking their business elsewhere.

According to real estate professionals that have begun sending out handwritten thank-you letters after conducting business (or simply to thank a loyal, long-lasting client), their return on investments are much higher than when they didn’t send out these letters. It can be inferred that the two are related, due to the fact that thank-you letters generate a positive response among clients and makes them feel valued.

A gesture such as this gets clients talking – they may recommend friends and family to your company, due to the hospitable nature they received during their experience with you. If nothing else, a displayed thank-you note also acts as free advertising for your company. Happy clients lead to loyal clients as well as new clients!

For ideas about what to thank your clients for, see our brainstormed list below:

  •  Thanking a buyer after a contract is signed
  • Thanking a buyer after a contract isn’t signed (demonstrate professionalism and no hard feelings!)
  • Thanking a seller after a contract is signed
  •  Thanking a buyer after a showing
  • Thanking a buyer after a listing meeting
  • Thanking a client for their referral
  • Thanking a loyal client for doing business with you for ____ years