Kitchen Trends: What Homeowners Are Looking For

Kitchen Trends: What Homeowners Are Looking For

Certain kitchen trends have grown in popularity throughout the 2018 year, and there will be even more leading into 2019.

kitchen trends2018 has been a big year for new kitchen trends, and it looks like 2019 may be an even bigger one. It is a part of the home that has become increasingly more important to homebuyers, with certain requirements that are deal-breakers for them if they are not included.

Today’s homeowners know what they want, and a quality kitchen is one of them. New trends have popped up throughout the year, and we have listed the most common ones that you can expect to see into 2019:

1. Blended spaces.

The past couple years have been big on the idea of blended spaces – large, open spaces, or tall glass doors that can lead into another space, creating the illusion of being blended. The newest kitchen trend has been incorporating a blended space between the kitchen and the outdoors – usually some sort of outdoor patio, gazebo, or entertainment space. Homebuyers are looking for glass doors within the kitchen where they can view their outside space and thus create a more warm, welcoming aesthetic within their kitchen.

2. Colors.

The current decade has been about pristine, clean, and intricate kitchen spaces. Kitchens with white walls have been big in popularity, with accents of black or other neutral colors. Today, homebuyers are looking for kitchens with warmer colors – walls of blues and greens, with other colorful accents throughout. Potential buyers are looking for a “warmer” look overall, and are beginning to stray away from the cold, modern look that used to be all the rage within kitchens.

3. Food storage.

While this has always been an important part of kitchens, food storage is becoming more important for homebuyers than it ever has before. Consolidation is becoming more and more popular, and many of today’s homebuyers don’t want any sort of wasted space. Something that a lot of potential homeowners are looking for in a home is columned refrigerators, or accommodating spaces for inserting one – these refrigerators are becoming increasingly popular due to their safe-saving designs and the way in which the blend with the rest of the kitchen.