Real Estate Marketing Trends to Live By

Real Estate Marketing Trends to Live By

Do you use any of these marketing trends?

Marketing is a large part of real estate – you want your brand to shine and you want clients, both new and old, to be intrigued by it. Marketing trends certainly change with the times, but there are a few techniques that are ageless. If you live by these specific real estate marketing trends, you will undoubtedly see some positive results – no matter how many years may pass.

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1. Connecting with your audience.

Marketing is about forming a bond with your viewer. What can they gain from your business? How will your brand benefit them? What do you offer that other places don’t? – these questions should, in theory, all be easily answered through the way you advertise your company. If a potential client feels as if they can connect with what you’re offering, they’ll be much more inclined to take the next steps.

2. Mobile matters most!

The majority of web content users view these days is via their smart phones. Very few people will take the time to log onto Instagram on a laptop or desktop when they can simply open the app on their phone with an easy tap of their finger. Everything from your website, to social media accounts, to blogs should be made mobile-friendly. This can be achieved by using a mobile-based design when creating posts and setting up web pages.

3. Keeping up with the times.

The advances in technology pair beautifully with marketing. While you can keep the same ideas, it is important to adapt them to fit with the changes in technology, as well. For example, virtual tours and 3D viewing are much more popular now than normal 2D pictures are. Not to say that those aren’t still intriguing, but clients tend to be more impressed by more technologically advanced viewing methods – and therefore, a larger market will be reached.