How to Use LinkedIn to Sell Houses

How to Use LinkedIn to Sell Houses

Good resources do not have to be paid for. Find out more about LinkedIn - a resource that is not only free but remarkably effective in generating leads and selling houses.

As the go to networking platform for professionals, LinkedIn has established itself as one of the largest social media spaces for individuals in the market for buying and selling houses. The website’s ability to allow professionals to network with others and share ideas is what sets it apart from other social media outlets like Facebook or Twitter. Real estate professionals can take advantage of this platform as a premier marketing tool in order to sell houses.

Use LinkedIn as a Tool

Buying a house is the biggest investment that most people make in their lives. Consumers are looking for a reputable agent with a proven track record to aid them in this purchase. Through LinkedIn, you can build your reputation by displaying your work history and receive endorsements from other professionals in your area. This ensures that when buyers are doing their homework to choose an agent to work with, you can stand out which will translate into a lead.

Furthermore, LinkedIn allows users to reconnect with old colleagues and friends through its various email and company search tools. This is a hub of potential leads that you can be sure are credible.

Another key feature of LinkedIn is their Groups section. Here, real estate professionals can join local groups like Austin Real Estate that connect buyers to agents. These buyers often have a lot of questions to ask, so answer them, be friendly, and see if you can turn that transaction into a lead.

More is More

By being active on LinkedIn, real estate professionals can grow their network and generate a strong following on the website. The more people follow you, the more people you can reach. This correlates to a strong audience whenever an agent posts an update to this site. Whether it is a new listing or house sold notification, a wide audience will be present.

LinkedIn is a tremendous marketing tool for real estate professionals looking to sell houses through less traditional mediums. This method not only connects you straight to the people but it is also free, which saves your budget to invest in other areas. The amount of your leads can jump tenfold when LinkedIn is used properly.