Why Some Teams are Betting on Environmentally-Friendly Homes

Why Some Teams are Betting on Environmentally-Friendly Homes

The real estate industry is now impacted by the trend of environmentally-responsible living. Which, if handled properly, can lead to million-dollar revenues.

Going green has never been more popular (or important!) than it is right now. There are numerous reasons to live a more ecologically sustainable lifestyle, one of these being real estate considerations. This market has had an influx of environmentally-friendly homes within recent years, and the benefits of the green real estate have proven to be astounding.

Why go green?

Despite the obvious health and environmental benefits of sustainable living, becoming environmentally-conscious is also a smart decision financially. A green way of life reduces the amount of energy consumed on a daily basis thus leading to lower energy bills each month. Homebuyers are starting to acknowledge this phenomenal advantage of living green and the skyrocketing demand for environmentally-friendly homes follows.

According to the National Association of Realtors, approximately two-thirds of homebuyers take green living into consideration when looking for a home, because “they recognize the link between green properties, cost savings, and healthy living.”

How does this benefit you?

As a realtor, this is the crucial information to keep in mind when showing a home. Homebuyers who are interested in green living are generally more likely to spend more money on a home if they know the added benefits of sustainability are included in the price.

Generally, green buildings are more expensive than non-green ones, and closing a contract on a green building is a huge deal. Since sustainability is a one-time investment, these houses might be priced exponentially higher.

It is important to talk to your clients and see if green living is something that evokes their interest. If so, you may be looking at a million-dollar deal in the making – all with the added benefits of cleaner, healthier living.