Leads: Becoming a Follow-Up Expert

Leads: Becoming a Follow-Up Expert

Leads are an important part of real estate, but following up on those leads is arguably more important.

leadsLeads are a crucial part of real estate because they allow for more loyal clients – but you have to put in work in order to get there. Leads require follow-ups in order to make sure that potential clients are feeling valued, and that their interest remains intact. Without follow-ups, many leads can become dead ends. Here are some tips for becoming a follow-up expert:

1. Automatic emails.

Automatic emails are a great strategy for following up. These are easy to make and even easier to send out to potential clients. While parts of it should be personalized (for example, the client’s name, home interest, etc.), it is a good idea to have a general template that can be sent out to any lead.

2. Find out as much as you can.

While we definitely are not urging you to go on a cyber-stalking spree, it is a good idea to know as much as you can about any lead you have. Before you follow up, you may want to do some research on a professional site, such as LinkedIn, to find out a client’s business background and interests.

3. Consistency (and frequency) is key.

If a potential client does not respond to your follow-up calls or emails right away, it is alright to take other actions. Sending a text, for example, is completely normal in real estate, especially with people who are difficult to get ahold of. It is also important to follow-up on a consistent basis – if you called someone at 2pm on a Friday and they didn’t answer, try calling them again on Monday afternoon.

If you aren’t consistent enough with your efforts, your potential client may just assume that you aren’t that invested. Keep in consistent and frequent contact with your leads (even when they turn into clients!) so they’ll know that you are there for them and that you value their business.