Helpful Blogs for Real Estate Professionals

Helpful Blogs for Real Estate Professionals

Blogging is a great way to spread and receive information - here are some of our favorites:

blogsBlogs are a great way to stay connected with the real estate community and to gain some new perspectives from fellow real estate professionals. You may learn a new marketing strategy, find a more efficient work strategy, or even find solace in shared frustration toward a certain aspect of the job. Whatever it may be, there are a few blogs that we find to be very helpful:

1. Tom Ferry

If you’re a member of the real estate community, chances are you already know who Tom Ferry is. His website contains myriad advice for real estate professionals of all types, as well as some altogether business advice. He helps businessmen and women everywhere gain better insight on their work habits, marketing, and sales techniques – a true real estate guru.

2. EntreLeadership

EntreLeadership is a compilation of blog posts, podcasts, and interviews, all sharing ideas of leading a team. Most of the podcasts also include Dave Ramsey’s own personal take, bringing even more real estate insight to the viewers. This is a well-rounded website, containing a lot of helpful information!

3. BiggerPockets

This blog is primarily targeted toward investors and it has a focus that is pretty intuitive based on its name – how can you make more money from investments? While investors are its main target, the messages can easily be translated across the board to various other real estate professionals – business is business and money is money, no matter what you do.

4. LinkedIn Blog

LinkedIn Blog is a great way to read success stories and connect with others – a win/win situation for all parties! This blog frequently has stories relating to marketing, team leading, sales, and real estate specifically. While you do not have to be a LinkedIn member to view this blog, it certainly helps to be able to connect with others after reading their stories – blogging and networking combined into one.