Facebook Features to Help Enhance Business

Facebook Features to Help Enhance Business

Facebook has some unique features that may help in further connecting with clients.

FacebookFacebook has become an essential component of the real estate world within recent years. It is used as a great way to connect with clients and colleagues, display listings, and provide newsworthy updates regarding your business. Many clients rely on social media platforms, such as Facebook, as their sole provider for information, so it is important to make sure that your company’s Facebook interface is user-friendly, with a large amount of information provided. As your Facebook following grows, clients will begin to expect more from it – these tools can help you along the way.

• Message requests

As your following grows, more people will try to get in contact with you. Facebook has a “message requests” feature that shows messages that people have tried to send you, but haven’t been received yet. These are people who you are not currently Facebook friends with, thus the messages do not go directly into your inbox. It is important to consistently check these message requests, in order to see who is trying to connect with you.

• Scheduled messages

In addition to message requests, Facebook also has a message scheduling feature, that allows you to send out messages at any point into the future. This is great for scheduling birthday wishes, follow-ups, or newsletter updates – anything that will show your clients that you are still keeping in touch and thinking of them.

• Live videos

As we’ve mentioned before, live videos are becoming a large part of creative real estate marketing platforms. Luckily, Facebook has a live video feature that any member can use – and it is very intuitive. This can be great for important business updates, or to simply give clients an inside scoop of what a “day in the life” of your business looks like. For more ideas, check out our article on live videos to see some unique ways to use this feature.