3 Simple Strategies That Drive Multiple Offers

3 Simple Strategies That Drive Multiple Offers

Real estate is one of the least liquid assets in the world. Learn how to sell houses faster following these several simple steps

When dealing with buyers and sellers, it may be difficult to define a “fair” transaction for both parties. That being said, it may prove even more challenging to get a bite from buyers, especially at the beginning of the selling process. By following some simple strategies below, you may be able to shorten the span of time in which a house sells.

1. Don’t limit yourself to a specified price

This applies to all parties involved. In any buying/selling scenario, it is important to always remain flexible. If someone becomes dead-set on a specific price, be it the seller looking to make extra money, or the buyer looking to purchase cheapest, or the realtor looking to enlarge their own cut, all of them will inevitably be disappointed in the end, though to a different degree. But by remaining flexible and taking into account the needs of each party, it will be easier to find more people willing to place an offer on the property.

2. Follow-up with potential buyers

Once multiple offers begin to flow in, it is important to follow up with people interested in a house. This demonstrates that you care about their interests and are just as concerned about the purchase as they are. Especially if you haven’t been hearing from them on a regular basis, it is a good idea to check up on the progress to see if they are still intent on buying. This simple procedure decreases the risk of clients backing out on deals and allows you to know instantly if they happen to decide to do so.

3. Customers matter most

When helping clients buy and sell homes, it is just as important to know your client as it is to find the best deals for them. If someone is on the fence about purchasing, you may be able to throw in an extra incentive to ignite their interest – for instance, an additional home inspection if they are worried about a faulty pipe, or a small discount if some appliances really need to be replaced. By knowing your client’s desires, you are most likely to make a compromise that will satisfy everyone involved. And here you are on a path to success – if you deliver, customers like you, your agency gains momentum and you get to take a seat at the table of the winners.