A Seller Checklist for Every Agent

A Seller Checklist for Every Agent

Having a checklist will keep both you and the seller on the same page.

Working with a seller takes a lot of steps. It can be a confusing process for a client, especially if this is their first time selling a home. Because of this, it is important to make sure that you are both on the same page throughout the entirety of the process. Creating a checklist of anticipations will make the process easier for everyone involved:


1. Outline steps.

The first part of selling is knowing exactly what will be done. By outlining each and every step to your client, it will allow for a smoother transaction overall. Nothing will be unexpected and your client will have a selling guideline to help them out along the way.

2. Define expectations.

How much does the seller want for the home? How much are they willing to negotiate? What percentage does the agent/brokerage get from it? What updates need to be made on the home before showings? – These are all questions that need to be meticulously defined before any process can be made. Sometimes the seller (and agent) will have to make compromises, and it is much easier to do this in the beginning, than when prospective buyers are beginning to voice their interests.

3. Allow room for change.

While it is important to make concrete definitions of what is expected, it is also important to note that most homes do not sell exactly how you envision they will. It may take time, a buyer may negotiate, or a contract may fall through. Real estate is a tricky business since there are so many unpredictable aspects of it, and if you expect everything to go a specific way, you will ultimately be setting yourself up for disappointment. Let the seller know that changes may have to be made along the way – this is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is definitely something that every seller should be prepared for.