Issues Buyers Notice During a Final Walkthrough

Issues Buyers Notice During a Final Walkthrough

Keep these issues in mind when conducting a final walkthrough.

final walkthroughThe final walkthrough of a home is the determining factor of whether or not a client will decide to buy. If they still love the home as much as they did during the open house, the odds of them signing are incredibly high. However, a lot of times buyers notice issues with the home once all the furniture and pizzazz are moved out. Here are some common issues that buyers notice and how you can stop them from happening:

Scratched floors

Once all the furniture is out of the house, it is easy to notice faults within flooring. This is the most common issue that homebuyers notice: “I didn’t see all these scuffs.”

It is important to explain to the buyer beforehand that there may be some differences in the appearance of the home after the staging process is over. Furniture covers up blemishes in the flooring, and without it, it is more visible – but it will be covered up again once the new furniture is moved in.

Chipped walls

This is another thing disguised during an open house as well. Staging requires concealing what is unappealing to a potential client. Pictures, wall hangings, decals, etc., are also put up to make a home seem warmer to people walking through it. Once these are taken down, you can see more clearly what is wrong.

One way to fix this common issue is by repainting the walls before the final walkthrough. Renovation processes are usually done between the seller and the agent in order to make sure that the home is ready for the new tenants.

Lack of cleanliness

Different homebuyers have different concepts of what “clean” means. Some people expect floors to be waxed to perfection before moving into a home. Most are alright with a “broom-swept” condition of the property they have bought.

Before the final walkthrough, it is essential to come to an understanding on what your client should expect so they do not grow disappointed upon arrival. Of course, dirty floors are unacceptable in general, and a cleaning process must be done in any case, but the expected definition of “clean” is worth discussing beforehand.