Safety: Crazy Agent Stories That’ll Make You Think Twice

Safety: Crazy Agent Stories That’ll Make You Think Twice

Agents face a dangerous game when showing homes - here are some stories to illustrate why you should always make sure you're safe:

crazy agent storiesWhen people hear that real estate is a dangerous business, they’re usually surprised. You either receive a response of disbelief or laughter at the thought; however, the safety of real estate agents is no laughing matter.

Agents face more danger than any other real estate professional since they typically meet one-on-one with people who they know very little (if any) information about. The risk factor of showing homes has increased more in recent years than it has in the past, with the increase of crime rates in certain areas, and for that reason it is crucial for agents to always be aware when they’re meeting new clients for a showing.

We have compiled a list of crazy agent stories that may make you think twice during your next showing – and remind you to always keep your guard up:

1. Gunpoint

Imagine you’re providing a showing to a new client. He seems a little off, but you continue on your showing, not thinking much of it. All of a sudden, the client pulls out a gun and is aiming it at you as the robs the home. While this seems like an exaggerated story, it is unfortunately a true one that happened to Ryan Melcher of Sotheby’s International Realty in Carmel, California. Luckily, Melcher was unharmed and the client ended up in jail later that year for armed robbery.

2. (Almost) Vacant

Sometimes, people will use vacant homes for their own personal reasons. Especially if the sellers are no longer living there, homes for sale are notorious for break-ins, squatters, and loitering in general. Robyn Burdett of RE/MAX was about to show a vacant home once when she walked in on two people in the middle of coitus on the floor of the master bedroom. You never know what you’ll find when entering a vacant home, and that is definitely something that no one would want to walk in on.

3. Paranoia

While “fake” clients and those with harmful intentions are typically the ones that agents worry about during showings, the sellers can sometimes be a lot to handle, as well. An agent simply identified as Cody had an experience with a paranoid seller who barricaded himself into his home after the contract closed, because he believed the Cody and the buyer would steal from him. He was eventually talked down, and was able to move the rest of his belongings from the home, but the experience was certainly stressful for all involved.