Tips for Improving SEO

Tips for Improving SEO

Your SEO scores can make or break your online presence - here are some tips to help improve it.

When running a social media account, you want to make sure that you’re reaching the widest possible audience – and you do this through SEO, or “Search Engine Optimization.”

So, how do you increase your SEO scores? Perhaps you tried everything you can think of, from posting at a selected time to hash-tagging everything you can think of that’s even remotely relevant to the content you are posting. If you want to increase SEO scores, there are some simple steps you can take along the way:


1. Use strategic keywords.

While hash-tagging away may seem to work for some, it actually may turn some followers away – make sure all your keywords are relevant and strategically placed. Research keywords to see what people typically search for and tag in their own posts and then go from there. If it’s not being searched for, don’t post it.

2. Make sure you can receive reviews.

You can enable the ability to receive reviews on a business-based Facebook page, and it is something that we highly suggest doing. Reviews will put your name out there for other users to see, and if you receive good reviews from loyal clients, more people will search your name and follow your page – giving you much greater SEO ratings.

3. Remain consistent.

Make sure you keep the same information across all social media sites. This includes names, phone numbers, addresses, and social media handles. Consistency makes it easier for people to find you on multiple sites and if you keep the same information, it’ll make their search much easier – and will increase your SEO search results! The most important part of having business accounts on social media is to create a sense of ease among clients when they are trying to find information about you or your business – remaining consistent across the board will help in making sure that happens.