Oh, the “Places” You’ll Go

Oh, the “Places” You’ll Go

This new social media platform is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to network.

placesPlaces” is a fairly new social media platform that was designed to create connections and business referrals among agents.

While this is not yet an app, it is a platform that can be viewed from any type of web browser, ideal for any new agent looking to gain some connections in the real estate field and gain more lead sources from vendors using the platform.

Essentially, “Places” is used by searching for connections via physical locations and/or events, and finding people based on those locations. For example, if you had a previous employer at The Best Brokerage Inc. in Austin, Texas, you can enter the name of the brokerage, along with the location, into the search engine, and “Places” will connect you with all the users that have shared that same criteria on their profiles.

This is especially useful if you have relocated and are looking for connections in a new city. For example, you can search, “Los Angeles, California,” and all your connections in that area will immediately pop up – which is super easy and helpful!

“Places” also uses a “spartan interface” (inspired by Facebook), which consists of a list of menu tabs located on the left, and news feed in the center, where you can read updates from your connections.

This social media platform is quickly becoming one of the biggest networking tools for people trying to get their foot in real estate, either for the first time or in a new place. Its searching abilities creates a sense of ease, allowing the user to add information to their profile regarding time, location, and employment, and allowing them to search for other users based on those same topic points. Even if you are searching for attendants from a specific conference back in 2003, “Places” can help you find them as long as the other users have added that same information to their profile.

By creating connections and networks through this platform, there’s no telling which “Places” you’ll go.