Our Top 4 Software Providers in Real Estate

Our Top 4 Software Providers in Real Estate

Software systems are rising in attractiveness among real estate brokers, and many are searching for the best software in the business

There are some common software systems that real estate offices frequently use. Here is a list of most popular software providers that have recently become popular among large brokerages:

1. Great Agent

I recently published the article, 2017 Study: Real Estate Software Compared, where we compared the performance of various lead sources and tools. Great Agent was second to none.

Great Agent is a single platform provider that takes care of all software needs in one. Extensive research provides brokers with the technology needed to proficiently market their business and find clients the best deal imaginable.

One of the many things that appears to separate them from the pack is their use of machine learning to optimize every stage of the process. Agents can rest easy as this all-in-one platform takes all the menial tasks of the buying and selling process off of their hands.  You can read the entire study here.

2. DocuSign

DocuSign is a SaaS that facilitates signing, management, and exchange of electronic documents. It supports user-identity authentication, electronic signature feature, cloud storage, and backup – all in a safe and user-friendly way. In a world of real estate, where one single purchase might amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars, such a tool is invaluable, as it gives the necessary level of security, automates the workflow, and saves precious time for both parties.

3. Realtor.com

Realtor.com is another MLS-heavy website, focused on real estate listings available to local clients, who may be searching for a home. It is operated by News Corp subsidiary Move, Inc. for the National Association of Realtors.

4. BombBomb

BombBomb is another amazing SaaS that people engaged in real estate jot down in a list of their favorites. Based on a pretty obvious idea – the streamlined process of recording videos and sending them via email – BombBomb managed to implement it in a neat and visually pleasing way. It also supports all of the necessary features that you are going to need, in order to grow your business – user activity tracking, scheduling, canned responses, custom-tailored email marketing platform, and so on.

Software is growing and becoming a necessity for every real estate business. It is important for brokers to become familiar with common software systems such as these, because they may very well become part of the competitor’s strategy in the near future.

These are the best software systems in real estate – it may be beneficial to start using them now!