Little Things That Make A Big Difference To Clients

Little Things That Make A Big Difference To Clients

The devil is in the details.

Human nature, the housing market, the economy – all of these things are volatile and, despite the best efforts of experts, ultimately out of our control. This is a good thing, however, because if we knew how to control the housing market to meet the needs of each and every consumer and the market as a whole, we wouldn’t need real estate agents!

As it stands, the value of agents like yourself cannot be understated. It’s easy to point to the obvious metrics of your worth. You make buying or selling a home a less complicated, more informed and secure process. You check all the boxes for those who aren’t even sure where those boxes are. You know how to turn someone’s dreams into a reality with four walls and a roof. It is your art and your craft.

But in addition to playing the hero, the professor, the counselor, or whatever other roles you may fall into, clients also subconsciously expect certain nuances in your performance and thus their experience. Or, if they do not expect them, they are immeasurably benefited when you provide them.

By honing the more ineffable details of your career and your relationship with your clients, you set everyone involved up for success. It is important to have a universal standard that you apply to your identity as an agent. This standard trickles down into each interaction with a consumer, making each one unique and memorable.

Each of these things is also an answer to common fears and misgivings that clients tend to have about the process of buying a home, selling a home, or working with an agent in general.


Though most homes have plenty of windows and doors, the process of buying or selling one can seem like a mysterious black box. On the one hand, it is comforting for clients to know that you will take care of intricacies they can’t even begin to fathom. On the other, however, it can be disconcerting to contemplate just how helpless they might be without you.

Transparency is empowering to both clients and agents. It is empowering to agents because it allows them to establish trust with their clients and delve deeper into making sure they get the best deal possible, because all the cards are on the table. Transparent agents will be realistic about their clients’ expectations and their own goals for the transaction. They will answer and anticipate questions and be prepared not just to comfort clients, but to inform them.

via Dearin & Associates: Transparency is a rare gift for real estate clients.

A transparent agent also empowers clients because that agent allows their client to become a partner in the business relationship rather than a dependent. By providing them with information, the agent allows the client to trust themselves. And a client that trusts themselves will be more apt to trust the agent they are working with, because they will know that they are deserving of respect, negotiation, and satisfaction.


Sometimes simply being available makes a world of difference. Availability isn’t simply limited to having your cell phone on ringer after business hours or getting email alerts sent to your phone. Being available means being empathetic and thoughtful. Presence consists of immersing yourself in the client experience while maintaining the more global picture of the overall market and the client’s goals. It means having the wherewithal to make an effort at personal development so that you are putting forth your best self for your clients.


Reliability is related both to presence and transparency. It is the culmination of honesty and investment in the cause. To be reliable is to be consistent in not only what you communicate, but how you communicate. A client should never feel stranded. If they are confused, they should be confident in your ability to remedy that. If they are adamant, they should not feel like a burden. If they are satisfied, they should be able to point to the part you played in achieving it.