Sustainability in Real Estate

Sustainability in Real Estate

Sustainable homes are making a rise in real estate - keep track of changes that impact your customers the most.

Sustainability is changing the real estate game. More and more homes are accommodating for “green living,” and there has been a spike in interest regarding purchasing environmentally friendly homes. This is a very powerful trend because with the changing environment, customers are becoming increasingly aware of how they can decrease their ecological footprint. When selling a home to someone interested in going green, there are a few key ideas to keep in mind:

Solar Panels

Many people are opting for homes with solar panels. If this is the case, the home in question may not even need an electrical lighting system – nor will the clients want one. Homes with solar panels serve to create electricity in a natural way and if you are selling to an environmentally conscious client, a solar-paneled house will most definitely be on their radar.

Electric cars

Electric cars are becoming more popular and practical with each coming year. More people own an electric car now than ever before. Since these vehicles run simply on electricity, as opposed to gas, you must make sure that a home contains an EV charging station if you are selling to a client in possession of an electric car.

Low-flow water systems

Most water systems are high-flow due to the time in which they were constructed. Everything from shower heads, toilets, dishwashers, and washing machines tend to use much more water than it is environmentally necessary. A green client will most likely be interested in looking at a home that includes low-flow water systems.

Proximity to public transportation

If someone is extremely environmentally conscious, they may rely on public transport to drive them places instead of using their own gas-guzzling car. In this case, looking for a house close to bus and train stations would be important for your client. This is something to keep in mind when looking for a home for someone with a small ecological footprint.