Real Estate Signs for the Digital World

Real Estate Signs for the Digital World

Compass has created new real estate signs that are compatible with your smartphone.

real estate signsImagine you’re in the market to buy a new home, and as you’re walking down the street, you see a “For Sale” sign in front of what could be the home of your dreams. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could have all the information about that home, right then and there, instead of having to contact an agent to get the ball rolling? What if information such as floor plans, cost, amenities, and even similar listings, could be sent straight to your smartphone, simply from viewing this sign?

Well, that desire has now become a reality! Compass has created real estate signs that are interactive with your smartphone – and they can do the same features as mentioned above. This new-and-improved type of sign is making the home search process easier than it has ever been. A prospective buyer can know right away whether or not a home is right for them, and see other listings that may better fit their interests.

But how did Compass come up with such a technologically advanced idea? According to Maëlle Gavet, Compass’ chief operating officer, “When we start thinking about the sign we start thinking about how our business is anchored in both the digital world because of the technology we’re building and in the physical world because our agents are in the physical world. We started thinking about how to link the two and the sign became a pretty obvious place to continue that discussion.”

We are not sure when exactly we will start seeing more of these signs pop up, but we can only assume that their popularity will increase tremendously in the very near future. Technology and innovation is constantly advancing, and Compass seems to be on top of the times. These signs may be something for your brokerage to consider!